Welcome to student association AEGEE-Enschede

AEGEE-Enschede one of the largest student associations in Enschede. There is no limit to the possibilities within AEGEE, with about 200 sister associations all across Europe. We offer social drinks and amazing parties in our pub, as well as large conferences, holidays, and exchanges. Let us enrich your student life!

Instead of a hazing period we have the After Introduction Program, a period of six weeks after the university Kick-In. You can get to know our association a bit better by joining the activities on Tuesday and Thursday organised by our fraternities, sororities, yearclubs and other enthusiastic members. 

During this year AEGEE-Enschede will celebrate its sixth lustrum (30th anniversary)! The lustrum committee will organise a number of cool activities for us to enjoy this wonderful fact. This includes a lustrum trip to Nancy, a fancy lustrum gala, a pub marathon and a train game together with AEGEE-Utrecht and AEGEE-Delft who also celebrate their lustrum this year. Let's make this a year to remember! 

AEGEE-Enschede consists of various committees that keep the association running. Examples are committees that organise awesome activities, such as the ski-trip committee or the congress committee. But we also have committees that provide support, such as the PromoTeam or the Computer Operating Team that maintains the IT facilities.

In the first year you get offered the opporunity to start a yearclub with other fellow first years at AEGEE. A yearclub consists of 5-15 members from the same year. Eating together, participating in activities (or organizing them yourselves) and drinking in our pub are just some of the possibilities a yearclub offer.