AEGEE-Enschede is one of the the largest student association open to all students in Enschede. With more than 180 sister associations, AEGEE offers endless possibilities. From great parties in the pub to participation in congresses, holidays and exchange programmes: anything is possible to enrich your time as a student and accumulating a great deal of experience!

So you are off to study in Enschede? Then do hop on by our pub Asterion on the ground floor of the Pakkerij. After all, don’t you want to make the most out of your student life?

The Association

AEGEE-Enschede was established on April 2, 1987 by a group of 20 enthusiastic students. The association has grown to become one of the largest student societies with as many as 325 members. AEGEE-Enschede does not hold a traditional hazing, but rather a HAIP (After Introduction Programme) which is open to everyone.

The Executive Board consists of four to six active students that run the association fulltime and are responsible for things like the finances, organising activities, planning and guiding committees. In 1996 we also opened up our own pub named Asterion, which is located on the ground floor of the Pakkerij, on the premises of the four largest student associations, which are located on the Oude Markt in Enschede. The five Pub Board members are in charge of the supply of beer, bartenders, music and the society’s door policy.

AEGEE-Enschede offers a variety of opportunities that will help make your time as a student here a wonderful experience. Together with other students who joined AEGEE the same year you did, you can set up a year club and share a meal together once a week, go on trips and organise activities for AEGEE. In addition to these horizontal associations, AEGEE-Enschede also has a number of vertical associations, i.e. two sororities and three fraternities and one blended sorority/fraternity. A fraternity/sorority is an ‘subassociation’, where members have a strong bond with each other not only during, but certainly also after their student days. AEGEE-Enschede also has a number of fellowship, where the members with a common interest get together.

Besides these social associations, AEGEE-Enschede also offers a number of other opportunities which will enrich your days as a student and help you further enhance your personal development. Because of the many committees in our society there are plenty of possibilities to organise some cool activities, which at the same time will offer you the opportunity to learn an abundance of things that you will never learn from your study alone. For instance, there is the SkiCie, the committee that organises a ski trip for the association every year. The Kick-In Committee promotes the association during the introduction of the University of Twente, whereas the almanac committee is responsible for composing and printing the almanac. In addition to these three examples there are many more larger and smaller committees within the society that you can actively take part in and further develop yourself.

Do you need more time to get to know our association a bit better? Than join The After Introduction Program! During six weeks you will get to know our association and their members and you can make new friends or even find a yearclub. 

In summary: there is a lot to be seen and experienced at AEGEE! If you want more information or if you want to become a member, please contact the board via or drop by our office or the pub!