Below you will find a selection of the many activities that take place on regular basis. More information about our introduction period, the HAIP, can be found here.

Anniversary Year
In 2016 our association celebrates its 30th anniversary, a milestone we certainly are planning to celebrate! A committee has started a year ahead to set up a programme for the coming full year, containing tens of unforgettable activities. For example, five years ago a few of the many activities were mudflat walking, a drink with 25 special beers, a citytrip for all members and of course lots of awesome parties. 

Sail WeekendZeilweekend
The name descibes it perfectly. What is more enjoyable than a group of sail enthusiasts who travel to the Frisian lakes and enjoy a sweet weekend on the water

Exam dinerTentamendiner
During the exam period everyone is busy behind the books, but you still want to see your friends of course. Well fear no more! Every first Thursday of the exam period you are welcome to eat at our own pub, Asterion. After getting well fed and preserving your social status you can go back to the books.

Hitchhiking Weekend
Hitchhiking, scary? Absolutely not. On contrary, hitchhiking is an enjoyable experience that you need to experience during your student time. Therefore every year a hitchhiking weekend is organised. Here an unexperienced hitchhiking is paired up with an experienced hitchhiking. On Friday morning you depart to a fun city in Belgium or Germany for example. During the weekend you will discover the prettiest places in the city and with a group of AEGEE-ers attend cool parties. On Sunday everybody attempts to hitchhike back to Enschede ASAP.

Throughout the year there will be a number of borrelhops planned. Here you will drive in the beautiful AEGEE-van with a group of AEGEE-Enschedeers to another AEGEE-local in the Netherlands and crash their drink. Like this you can get to know other AEGEEers in the Netherlands and have drink in a fresh atmosphere.
Activities in EnschedeEVC lasergamen
Every year the Event Committee of AEGEE-Enschede organises a grand activity in Enschede, the previous locations included the Oude Markt and the UT campus. We have karted around the church on the Oude Markt all in Mario style, pretty sweet right? We have also had a committee that placed a large obstacle course where you could challenge each other. This year we have another awesome event Laser-Escape game, where a combination of laser-tag and escape-room. Every year an event that never disappoints! ​

Upcoming year we are honoured to organize the agora, an event for almost 1000 AEGEE members from the Netherlands and far abroad. During this event the future of our association is discussed and workshops can be attended. Next to these meetings the agora is full of meeting new friends from everywhere and enjoy the best parties of the year together!

Parties in Asterion 
Every year many parties are organized in the pub. We have the freshmen Party, a party organized by the committee of first year members. A raging party where many people go to with cool decorations throughout the pub. No to forget the legend- wait for it- dairy party called the ‘’it’s Raining Meters of Beer Bash’’, where the beer is literally  raining from the ceiling. This year’s theme was 20,000 pints underneath the sea, where the pub transformed into a submarine. At the end of the school year there is a closing party, the biggest party of the year. With the company of summer jams, friends and booze to close out the year.

Sintercantus in Asterion Sintercantus
Annually a cantus is organized in the own pub, Asterion, all in Sinterklaas style. A cantus is a student style beer and karaoke party, where under directory of a senate we will sing with full swing. However if your lips aren’t moving, your throat will be guzzling down beer. The senate consists of Sinterklaas and his Pete’s. This delivers loads of joys, afterwards we will raise the roof!