AEGEE-Enschede has more than 325 active members with a great diversity in interests, characters and talents. In a small student city like Enschede, AEGEE-Enschede is one of the big players in the student life. The studies vary from Psychology to Industrial Engineering and from Industrial Design to Technical Bussiness Administration.

The students of AEGEE-Enschede are very motivated to work on their studies and (future) carreer and have often developed themselves not only concerning their studies, but also acquired a lot of organizational and social skills. They do this, among other things, by gaining experience with manegerial activities at the association, a fraternity/sorority or at the pub. Outside of the association, the entrepreneurial charactor of AEGEE members shows itself well, by frequently and actively working at the University of Twente. However, our members look beyond Enschede, beyond the Dutch borders. Thanks to the international charactor of our association, our students are aware of what Europe has to offer, and what we have to offer Europe. Things that we attach importance to are: friendship, involvement and self development.

Obviously, it can be very interesting for businesses to gain awareness among all of these diverse students. AEGEE-Enschede offers some possibilities to do this:

  • A banner at our website (more than 20.000 pageviews per month)
  • Organizing a recruiment training/lecture
  • Advertizing in our almanak (yearbook, 500 pieces per year)
  • Profilepage on our partnerpage
  • Promotion during one of our many activities
  • Participation of the Advanced Training Course
  • Advertizing in our monthly newsmail
  • Name and logo on the printed matter during a whole year (around 500 posters and 6000 flyers)

Are you curious about possibilities for working together? Contact our Officer External Affairs as soon as possible!

T:   053-4321040