Agora Simulatie Avond

Did you always want to learn what happens at the Agora of AEGEE-Europe? If you think, what the hell is an Agora, here is a short explanation. The Agora is the half yearly general assembly of AEGEE-Europe, where around 800 students from all over Europe gather to discuss important topics in the organisation of AEGEE and to vote on this. Besides that there is of course a lot of time to meet new friends from all over Europe and there are a lot of great parties every night. The next Agora will take place in Kraków from 24th till 29th of April, and you can apply till 22nd of februari with this site:

Tonight we will try to simulate the different aspects of the Agora as good as possible, there will be discussions, votings, proposals etc. and you will get all the possibilities to defend your "own" local. So do you still don't know if you want to go with us to Agora Kraków? Then apply now, see it with your own eyes and let us confince you to go with us!

PS: Do you want to get some information before going to the simulation night? You can find it here:

Unlimited slots left.
Tuesday, 13 February, 2018 - 19:30 to 21:00
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Oude Markt 24
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