Structure AEGEE-Europe

AEGEE-Europe is a big central, coördinating organ that exists not only of the over 200 local associations, but also of a Board, Working Groups, Projects and Events.

The following diagram displays how AEGEE-Europe is structured:
Structure AEGEE-Europe

The Comité Directeur

The Comité Directeur is the Board of AEGEE-Europe. It exists of 7 people with often 1 or 2 assistents, who for one year coördinate and arrange several things in the AEGEE network. They are located in Brussels. This are the current members of the CD:

President: Loes Rutten (AEGEE-Utrecht)
Secretary General: Florian Hauger (AEGEE-Heidelberg)
Financial Director: Teresa Kiambu (AEGEE-Udine)
Vice President and External Relations Director: María Ballesteros Melero (AEGEE-Madrid)
Communications Director: Adonis Meggos (AEGEE-Peiraias)
IT & Human Resources Director: Fabrizio Bellicano (AEGEE-Genova)
Network Director: Marco Daniele (AEGEE-Torino)

For the complete list of responsibilities, see here.


Committees have a supportive role in AEGEE. They help the other bodies in AEGEE by providing them services, information, infrastructure and materials needed to fulfill their tasks.
AEGEE has the following committees:
Action Agenda Coordination Committee
Corporate Relations Committee
Quality Assurance Committee
Human Resources Committee
Information Technology Committee
Public Relations Committee


Just like committees, commissions have a supporting task in AEGEE. Their aim of the commissions is to supervise the accomplishment of the rules which direct the functioning of AEGEE. 
AEGEE has the following commissions:
Audit Commission
Juridical Commission
Mediation Commission
Network Commission

Working Groups

Working Groups carry out the thematic work of AEGEE-Europe. AEGEE members from all over Europe share common interests. To express their visions and share their knowledge and experience international working groups are created, organising discussions, conferences and other events in their topics in different countries of Europe.
AEGEE has the following Working Groups:
Civic Education Working Group
Spreading Europtimism Working Group
Youth Employment Working Group
Youth Mobility Working Group

Interest Groups

EU-Asia Relations
International Politics Interest Group
Language Interest Group

Project Teams

Some of AEGEE’s aims are easier to achieve by creating dedicated projects for them: these projects, while fulfilling their aims give birth to discussions, publications and events closely related to a well-defined topic.
The following projects are being worked on at the moment:
Summer University
Eastern Parnership Project
Democracy in Practice
Election Observation Project

Policy Officers

AEGEE’s Policy Officers serve as an extension to the Comité Directeur, supporting with the thematic dimension of AEGEE’s work. Their task is to consolidate AEGEE’s opinion on key issues internally and represent it towards our stakeholders externally.

Liaison Officers

The Liaison Officers are the face of AEGEE to the outside. On this way, AEGEE can defend its point of view to international social organisations. For example, AEGEE has liaison offices for the United Nations, the UNESCO and the European youth organizations.


AEGEE-Academy is an international organization that focuses on non-formal education.