Summer Universities

Summer Universities are the most amazing holidays that are organised annually by all the student associations in AEGEE! There are over 60 destinations all over Europe where you can go on a holiday for 1 to 2 weeks. From St. Petersburg to Las Palmas, and from Bakoe to London – all sorts of holidays are organised. Do you like sun, sea and beaches? Then go to one of the many Summer Universities in the Mediterranean Sea area. If you prefer culture, then, in addition to the well-known European capitals such as Paris, Vienna and Berlin, there are also cities in Central and Eastern Europe. You can also travel on the Trans-Siberian Express all the way from Moscow to the Chinese border! Obviously, you can also learn languages, participate in sports, dance or even have an IT holiday. Every year, around the end of February, the new summer holiday options appear on

If you need more information, send an email via form or visit the official Summer University website!

AEGEE-Enschede also organises Summer Universities. If you would like to assist in this, send an email to the council!