The Kick-In 2017, the start of your time as a student at the University of Twente, will show you everything Enschede has to offer you. Your Kick-In experience will be the best when you’re with a dogroup from AEGEE-Enschede. If you're curious if we have a do-group at your study, have a look at our do-group page, at the menu below!

AEGEE-Enschede has a large programme this introduction period. Parties at our own pub (Asterion at the Oude Markt in the city center), a huge pubquiz for all Kick-In participants, and much more. Stop by at our pavilion at any point in the Kick-In, where you can relax for a while, sit in the shade, drink some lemonade and talk to your new friends or some of our members.

But there is more! Even after the Kick-In we offer much more. Our pub is open twice a week (on Tuesdays and Thursdays). We organize many parties, and various other activities such as a beer tour in Belgium, social drinks in other cities, cantusses, a christmas dinner, and much more! After the Kick-In we have the HAIP, “The After-Intro Programme” in English. During this time you’re welcome to get to know AEGEE-Enschede better, but also all the other students who became a member or want to become a member.

Apart from this, we offer a lot of space to develop yourself as a person: we organize lectures, trips abroad and have many committees in which you can participate. AEGEE-Enschede is also a member of AEGEE-Europe. With more than 150 locals in 40 countries all over Europe, there’s always friends to find abroad, and you can go on really cheap holidays!

One thing that separates us from some student associations is that we don’t have a “hazing” or “ontgroening” for our new members, so everyone is welcome, and you’re welcome to join all year!

Are you interested? Come by at our (orange) pavilion, at our pub Asterion or join one of our AEGEE do-groups during the Kick-in.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

The Kick-In Committee AEGEE-Enschede 2017

Jules Verkade - President
Rosa Amptmeijer - Secretary
Bent Schleipfenbauer - Treasurer
Jesse Lohman – External Affairs
Mayra Westerhof - Promotion
Thamar Weerts - Kick-In Fact-representative / Logistics
Jochem Postmes – Board representative