Our sixth lustrum: Viva La Vida

To honour the sixth lustrum of AEGEE-Enschede we will have many cool activities organised by the lustrum committee!

20 October: Opening party: Time Machine

We kicked off the lustrum year by traveling through time, or more specifically: the past thirty years of AEGEE. We announced the theme "Viva la Vida"! But this party was only the tip of the iceberg, there is much more to come...

11 November: Masterclass Guido Weijers/Lustrum party 'Viva la Vida'

Our lustrum will receive university-wide attention by the masterclass 'Happiness' by Dutch comedian Guido Weijers. Afterwards we will have a large party in Asterion to celebrate the end of the module! Both activities will be amazing, so register in the Events section now! 

31 December: New year's eve party

Come celebrate new year's eve with all AEGEE-Enschede members in Asterion. The details will be kept secret for now, but it will be an amazing start of our lustrum year 2017, so don't miss it!

13 January: Train game with AEGEE-Utrecht & -Delft

Since AEGEE-Utrecht and AEGEE-Delft also have their sixth lustrum this year we came up with the idea of a train game together. This will be a scavenger hunt throughout the Netherlands. Afterwards we will meet in Utrecht for a social drink where you can meet the members of Utrecht and Delft. The exact date will be announced later.

11-12 February: The lustrum gala

The lustrum gala will be held in a castle where we will feast and party like kings and queens. We will also stay the night, so you will not have to worry about traveling back home afterwards. This will be a gala to remember, so register as soon as possible!

13 March - 2 April: Dies Natalis

During the dies natalis period various groups within the association will host both parties and activities!

3 June: Sibling day by Yearclub Loos

During this day you can bring your brothers and/or sisters to meet our association and student life in Enschede. It will be a fun day with lots of activities and possibly a party afterwards!

4-7 May: Lustrum trip to Nancy

We will also have a lustrum trip this time, just like last time. We chose the French student city of Nancy, with a beautiful city centre which made its way to the UNESCO world heritage. We will leave on Thursday night and come back Sunday morning. Let us surprise you in a city where the pubs are open all night and filled with students. It is also a possibility to improve your French! See you in Nancy! 

16 May: Tasting 30 beers

After the large success of five years ago we had to organise a large scale beer tasting this year as well! There will be a different beer for each year of AEGEE, and it will be amazing!

7-8 July: Pubmarathon: 30 hours of AEGEE

To close our lustrum year we will spend 30 hours in Asterion. We will start Friday night the 7th of July. Within these 30 years we will have a large closing party and many other cool activities. The diehards that stay the full 30 hours will receive an honourable mention.


If you attend the activities listed below you will receive a cool lustrum collectible, which will be a nice throwback to this lustrum year. Make it a challenge to receive the collectible for the full lustrum experience!

  1. Masterclass Happiness by Guido Weijers
  2. Train game with –Utrecht en –Delft
  3. Lustrum gala
  4. Lustrum trip
  5. Tasting 30 beers
  6. Pub marathon