Board of the pub

The board of the pub exists of 4-6 people who work for a whole year to make the pub function as it should. They have to purchase lots of things, but also have to keep things in order during the pub nights. Not only on Tuesday and Thursday, but also the other pub nights. Furthermore, the bartenders and DJs are instructed by them. But next to taking care of pub nights, there are also administrative and maintenance tasks that have to do with the pub, divided over the different functions. Facilitating is their primary task, but they also like undertaking things. Think about organizing a theme party.

SB’18 is constituted as follows:

Steyn ten Kate - Praeses et BCP
Lara Slaats - ab Actis et Aedilis
Bent Schleipfenbauer - Quaestor et Paracentis
Rik Smale - Mercator et MusiCie
Thamar Weerts - Retentio et Interpres et Acquisitor