History of Asterion

At the end of the 80s, shortly after the establishment of AEGEE-Enschede (in 1987), the need rises to have drinks once a week with the first few AEGEE-Enschede members. The origin of all of this lies in bar 'De Geus'. If you enter the bar now, you still see our shield at the entrance.

In 1992 the drinknight is moved to a space above bar 'Old Dutch' in the Stadsgravenstraat. When the prices here get to high, there is nothing left to do but moving to Tam Tam', the pub part of 'La Conga' at the Oude Markt.

However, this was just a necessary solution and in 1993 we moved to the Stadsgravenstraat, this time to 'Ludus' (currently called 'De Catacombe'). From this moment on, the drinks were taken care of by the SB and the 'Tappersgilde' (Bartenders Guild), which obviously resulted in problems like frozen beerpipes, disgusting toilets and a shortage of beer.

At the moment we are writing at the end of 1994, while the preparations for the house are in progress. After a short stay in 'Down Under' at the Boulevard, 'Sociëteit Asterion' moves to 'De Pakkerij'. This means an and to the quest of Asterion through Enschede.

 -This article appeared in the Almanak 1999-2000 "Opmerkelijk"  from AEGEE-Enschede.

Since 1994, we reside in De Pakkerij at the Oude Markt. Meanwhile, the bar is been decorated with a lot of attributes that hold a story. Pubobjects, shields, plates and paintings provide history in the bar and with the history of the stuff on the back bar we could fill an encyclopedia. Beautiful topics of conversation for a Tuesdaydrink in Asterion. Next to this, the assortment of equipment has been widened a lot, expecially lights and sound equipment. So, it keeps getting a better location for a good party on Thurday.